About Ready Set Recycle

Ready Set Recycle is your chance to win prizes and rewards for doing your part to recycle. Alameda County residents can enter the Recycling Rewards Challenge for an opportunity to win  prizes such as gift cards to Peets Coffee and other local businesses, compost for gardens and  fresh food boxes from local farmers while learning easy tips about recycling. Ready Set Recycle rewards the good recycling behavior of Alameda County residents and helps us achieve our long-term recycling goals.

In addition to entering the challenge, visitors to the site can also find sorting tips from local residents; recycling information for cities and schools; and instructions for how to properly dispose of all different types of items, from pizza boxes to broken glass to chicken bones.

Ready Set Recycle Details

  • To enter Recycling Rewards, Alameda County residents complete a set of challenges which change monthly. Challenges may include playing the Speed Sorter Game to test your recycling skills, answering a set of trivia questions and liking StopWaste on Facebook.
  • Each month four winners will be chosen from those who complete the challenges. You must be an Alameda County resident to enter.
  • Ready Set Recycle will also reward Alameda County residents who keep recyclables (bottles, cans, plastic, newspapers, etc.) and compostables (food scraps, food-soiled paper and green debris) out of the garbage bin. Garbage bins from single family homes in Alameda County will be selected at random on regular pick-up days and contents from these bins will be separated into recyclable material; compostable material; and garbage.
  • Households with randomly selected garbage bins that contain less than 10% (by weight) of compostable and recyclable material will be acknowledged.
  • A resident may opt out of participating in random audit by supplying the address where solid waste services are provided, along with the resident’s name and email address.
  • StopWaste Board members, employees or contractors involved with Ready Set Recycle or immediate family members of the aforementioned, are ineligible to win prizes.